Carolina Loving Hound Rescue is the culmination of a dream to save 
hounds in the southern states.  We are a small, but dedicated and 
determined, group who believe that every hound should have a 
home. If you're looking for that special Dachshund, Treeing Walker Hound,
Black and Tan Coonhound, Bloodhound, Basset Hound or the occasional Honorary Hound 
you've found a special place with us.  Please visit our "Adoptable 
Hounds" page to see photos and biographies of our Carolina
Loving Hounds and welcome to the Carolina Loving Hound 
Rescue family!


Thank you each and every one that has donated in Honor of EA. Please take a look at the Pictures below to see the animals your donation helped. You can read a little bit about their story and know this is the animal EA would have helped if she was able. Through your support we pray that many more lives will be saved in EA's Honor

 The Francis Marion Hotel in Charleston, SC.
Anya from Virginia $50.00
 James and Carolyn P. Laurens, SC $20.00
Julie H. Easley, SC $20.00
Carole M. Lexington, SC $50.00
Wes, Ronda and Mark L. Clinton, SC $30.00
 Robert and Allison T. Easley, SC $15.00
Mr and Mrs Robert W. Clinton, SC $20.00
Walter and Patricia $20.00
 John and Sarah W. Clinton, SC $50.00
 Kerri M. Chapin, SC $50.00
 Jill W. Clinton, SC $50.00
 Yvonne, S. Chapin, SC $25.00
 Guy and Kathy J., Pickens, SC $50.00
John B., Hemingway, SC $25.00
Greenville County Information Systems, Greenville, SC $300.00
The Hairstones, Clinton, SC $25.00
Rev. Sinclair Lewis, Palmetto Boys State, Anderson, SC $200.00
Becky W. $25.00
SLED Firearms Dept.  $200.00
James and Shelley J. Blythewood, SC $20.00
Sebrena and Anthony M. Prosperity, SC $10.00
Kenneth Shuler's School of Cosmetology. Inc Colimbia, SC $50.00
Margarete and Wesley K. Knoxville, TN $25.00
Dan and Marlene W. Clinton, SC $25.00
Mr. and M<rs. Jimmy C. Clinton, SC $25.00
Kate W. Greer, SC $15.00
Ashley A. Clinton, SC $20.00
Walter H and Patricia S Clinton, SC $20.00

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