Carolina Loving Hound Rescue is the culmination of a dream to save
hounds in the southern states.  We are a small, but dedicated and
determined, group who believe that every hound should have a
home. If you're looking for that special Treeing Walker Hound,
Black and Tan Coonhound, Bloodhound or of course Dachshunds
you've found a special place with us.  Please visit our "Adoptable
Hounds" page to see photos and biographies of our Carolina
Loving Hounds and welcome to the Carolina Loving Hound
Rescue family!

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Celebrating our Success in 2014
As we rescue an animal we will ad their picture to this slideshow. Have fun watching this grow as we are busy saving lives. Most of them are in our Rescue, some of them are on their  way to another rescue or we assisted an adopter with pulling them out of a shelter. Regardless they were rescued and touched and or sponsored by us to obtain freedom from an uncertain death in a shelter. Many hands touched each animal. Sponsors, Cross posters, Fosters and of course ultimately an Adopter or a Sanctuary home! 

Do you know about Maddie on Things?

 Well if you do not, you must live under a rock. Theron Humphrey started a new Project called Why We Rescue. Each state will be presented with a rescue story. Well, you guessed it, we were chosen for South Carolina. Want to read and hear all about this Rad event?  Well go to the page and read about us and some of the other states that are featured already.....:) South Carolina, CLHR Why We Rescue    Want to know more about Maddie and Theron? Well follow them on Facebook to look at even more amazing Photos and updates on Maddie! This Wild Idea 

Take a look at Theron's visit to Casa Loving, what a rad time we had! 
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